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Sheboygan Veterinary Clinic is a top-of-the-line clinic that specializes in caring for your pet. The staff here is dedicated to providing quality healthcare to your dogs and cats. Our dedication allows us to provide your pet with a wide range of services.

 •  Preventive medicine

 •  Surgery

 •  Laboratory diagnosis and more

Meet Dr. John

Dr. Zechlinski is part of a medical family.  His wife, Pamela, is a retired health teacher, and his 2 children are both physicians.  Consequently, most family conversations revolve around medicine, both veterinary and human.  He graduated from the University of Michigan, majoring in Wildlife Biology; and received his veterinary medicine degree from Michigan State University.  Dr. Zechlinski has been practicing veterinary medicine full time since 1974, and continues to enjoy both the animals and the medicine.


His hobbies include sailing, golf, kayaking, and fishing.

Dr. John in the office

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