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Our philosophy

As a caring primary care clinic, our doctors and staff strive to use their knowledge and experience to provide our clients and their pets with up-to-date veterinary diagnostics and treatment. We encourage pet owners to prevent disease and parasites through timely vaccinations, preventive medications, and flea and tick protection.


We use both in-house and referral laboratories, and X-ray imaging to aid in our diagnosis. Our doctors perform standard veterinary surgeries here, and refer more complex surgeries to board certified surgeons in Port Washington.

Mission statement

Our mission in to never forget that each pet has loving owners who have a special bond with their pets. We respect and celebrate that bond, and strive to provide the most capable veterinary care to our patients, according to the wishes and capabilities of their owner.

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A cat having a surgery. A cat having a surgery. A dog with an x-ray result. Pet vaccination.